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Textile Ceiling

3D Smoke Out is a temporary cieling system, 3D Smoke Out is a 100% polyester textile made in France. The thickness of the textile masks and the openeness of the knitting has a in perspective in horizontal ceilings a blackout effect, but it also has a smoke rejection abilikty and lets sprinklers work without problems. A 3D Smoke Out cieling has a masking effect in any direction.

200 gr/m2 / Thickness 2,1 mm

Rolls of 2,85 m - 2,90 m, streches to 4,1 meter

50 meter rolls

Printable on one side with dye sublimation.

Fire resistant M1.

Safety ceilings

Light and elegant illuminated ceilings.

Acoustic ceilings.

Available in white

When stretched in horizontal position, the mesh is 5 mm. x 7 mm.

Opening is 62%. The textile shall be very stretched in order to be efficient.

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